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Pink Builder Gel - Milky
Pink Builder Gel - Milky
Brillbird Norge

Pink Builder Gel - Milky

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Milky Pink - harmonizes the colors of the BabyBoomer.

Milky Pink Gel is a pink, semi-transparent building gel. It can be used under and over the cover gel to get the most natural looking manicure possible, but also to create the coveted baby boomer style.

What can you use the Milky Pink Gel for?

Milky Pink Gel is the customer's favorite when it comes to BabyBoomer nails, when the apex is modeled from this semi-camouflage-transparent, milky-pink gel. It makes the colors look more even under you, and the transition between the cover and the latte gel will be more delicate and beautiful. As a build-up gel, it can be pinched with tweezers and even used to strengthen natural nails. Thanks to its color, it hides the minor nail defects.

Who do we recommend Milky Pink Gel to?

Milky Pink is a medium-viscosity building gel, also suitable for beginners. If you want to create nails at an expert level, this product is perfect for you.

For which nails and for which customers is this gel recommended?

Milky Pink Gel is great for short, medium and long nails, but you can even use it on extreme nails without any problems. It adds an extra touch of sophistication to the nails.


-milky-pink, semi-transparent build-up gel

-medium viscosity, self-leveling

-ideal for baby boomers

-it hides the little nail flaws

-can be pinched with tweezers

Curing time

3 minutes in the UV lamp or 1-2 minutes in the LED lamp.