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Chrome pigment  powder - Purple
Brillbird Norge

Chrome pigment powder - Purple

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To completely cover the nails, use Mirror Effect Pigment like this:
Brush & Go is used on matted nails.
The gel is left to dry in the UV lamp for 1 minute.
The material is scattered with a finger or a sponge.
From the tip to the cuticle, massage the powder over the paint.
You will achieve a beautiful mirror finish.
The more we massage the material, the more shiny it will be.
With a clean finger, remove the excess powder.
A nail brush is used to remove the powder from the cuticle, but one mistake made by nail designers is that they don't remove the powder and when it mixes with the gloss gel, the mirror effect is lost.
After the powder is well removed, the nails must be reinserted into the lamp for a few minutes.
At the end you use a sealing gel in 2 layers, for example Brush & Go Gel & Lac To.
How to use mirror pigment for decor:
You will paint the model with black Brush & Go Gel.
After the gel has dried in the lamp, the pigment is massaged inside the model.
After the excess powder is removed, use a sealing gel such as Hypnotic Gel & Lac Top.
The top will be left to dry in the UV lamp.