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Vi sender alle bestillinger innen 24 timer! - 920 80 363
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Cat Eye Extra- Platinum
Brillbird Norge

Cat Eye Extra- Platinum

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The new generation of Cat Eye Gel & Lac is here!

Super pigmented gel varnishes, the color of which changes depending on the viewing angle or light, so that one color can shine in 2-3 different shades. For an even more intense effect, apply it in a single layer over black or a dark shade.

Use it with the cat eye styling magnet for the most spectacular cat eye effects.


With the special magnet you now get designs with a striking shine with cat-eye Effect. Can be used in one color or on top of other colors. Combine the colors and get a WOW effect manicure!

What can you use Cat Eye Gel & Lac for?

Use it alone

Apply the first layer of Gel & Lac Cat Eye to the nail prepared with Bond Gel.

It is cured in the UV lamp for 2 minutes.

After this step, the second layer is made Gel varnish applied, on which the magnet gives the cat-eye effect.

After curing for 2 minutes in the lamp, apply Mani Gel & Lac Top and for 2 minutes in the lamp Harden.

At the end, clean and you're done.

Use it over another color

With Cat Eye Gel & Lac you can change the look of Color Gel or Gel & Lac. For this you need a perfectly covering base color, preferably a dark color.

After the base color has cured, use a magnet to add the cat eye effect and leave it in cure the lamp for 2 minutes.

Then apply Mani Gel & Lac Top.

With Color Gels and 3Step Gel Polish, you can apply Cat Eye Gel & Lac to the sticky surface.

For our glossy products (Gel & Lac Brush & Go, Brush & Go Color Gel, etc.) wear Cat Eye Gel & Lac on the buffered surface.

In any case, the magnetization takes place before the Gel & Lac has hardened and Mani Gel & Lac Top is applied!

BB tip:

Hold the magnet on the nail at a slight angle for 10 seconds without moving and lift it up slowly on.

The cat eye magnet is not included in the price!

Curing time:

2 minutes in the UV lamp. 1 minute in the UV / LED lamp.


- Gel polish for a cat's eye effect

- is used with the cat eye magnet

- can be applied on gel paint or gel varnish

- has an unusual and playful sheen