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P-Shine Home Set – BrillBird
Brillbird Norge

P-Shine Home Set – BrillBird

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The miracle cure for dull & brittle nails P.Shine manicure is a 100% natural nail care technique. After the treatment your nails will regain their healthy and natural shine. During this Japanese manicure, your nails are treated with a special paste that uses small abrasive particles to gently smooth the unevenness of the nail surface and stimulate the blood circulation in your nails, which means that your nails grow faster and thus prevent split ends. Beeswax strengthens your nail and gives it a long-lasting shine. Nails polished with P.Shine are also resistant to external influences such as water, cleaning agents, etc. protected.

This nail regeneration is also suitable for men who value well-cared for hands in their work and leisure time. treatment We recommend a treatment with the professional set 2-3 times a month, which is sufficient for up to 200 applications. The paste (green can) promotes the penetration of the active ingredients into the natural nail. The powder (pink jar) provides protection against external influences and gives an incredibly long-lasting, natural shine. In between two treatments, we recommend treating the nails with the powder 2-3 times a week. application

1. Use the pink side of the file to file lightly over the natural nail to ensure that the active ingredient is optimally absorbed. If your nails are very thin, you can skip this step.

2. The green side is used to shape the nail. With regular treatment, the entire nail surface does not have to be filed every time - only the "offspring".

3. Remove a little paste from the green can with the white spoon and massage it into the nail with the green polishing block until it shines. Please only polish in one direction (not back and forth!). If the paste should dry out a bit over time, this is not a problem as it does not lose its effectiveness!

4. The powder from the pink jar is applied in the same way as the paste, but with the pink polishing block.

5. Then clean the nails with the included cloth.