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Lux White Builder Gel
Lux White Builder Gel
Brillbird Norge

Lux White Builder Gel

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Do you dream of a luxurious French manicure? Try the dazzling white Lux White Gel!
The Lux White Gel is a gel for French modeling, highly viscous and extra pigmented. With this gel, the smile line will be powerful and strong, so you can also use it in nail competitions.
What can you use the Lux White Gel for?
Use the Lux White Gel for French modeling with an extremely white tip. How do you use it properly For a perfect French modeling, after preparing the natural nail, apply a base layer of BrillBird builder gel. Use the Cover Gel to shape the negative image of the smile line, then shape the white part of the French out of the Lux White Gel. Apply a final layer of transparent gel for the apex and seal the modellage with a gloss gel. The Lux White Gel can be applied with a thin brush made of synthetic hair, such as the “0” Art Brush.
Who do we recommend the Lux White Gel to?
We recommend the Lux White Gel to nail designers who prefer more viscous gels. This gel has perfect coverage in a single thin layer and facilitates quick studio work.
For which nails and for which customers is this gel recommended?
The Lux White Gel is perfect for studio work. It is applied in a thin layer that will not yellow or have any gray or yellow stains, so you will get an intense, flawless white color for the French tip.
-bright white build-up gel
-optimal, high viscosity
-ideal for French modeling
-exceptionally highly pigmented
Curing time
2-3 minutes in the UV lamp or 1 minute in the LED lamp.