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Hypnotic Top

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The perfect gloss gel for gel polish with exceptional durability.


Hypnotic Gel & Lac Top is a gloss gel that was specially developed for the Hypnotic Gel & Lacs. It is flexible and compatible with gel polish and build-up gels. This sheen is completely transparent, does not change the underlying colors and does not create blue tones of dark colors.

What can you use Hypnotic Gel & Lac Top for?
Use Hypnotic Gel & Lac to seal the manicure with gel polish. After curing in the lamp, you will receive a sticky dispersion layer that must be removed with the cleaner. Then the nail gets and retains a strong and long-lasting shine. The nail surface does not yellow and the Hypnotic Top and gel polish can easily be removed with Acrylic Remover after matting the surface with a file or buffer.
Who do we recommend Hypnotic Gel & Lac Top to?
Hypnotic Gel & Lac Top is recommended for nail designers who work with gel polish and prefer high-density gloss gels that can be applied in a thicker layer and will not crack afterwards.
For which nails and clients do we recommend it?
Hypnotic Gel & Lac Top was developed for the Hypnotic range, but you can also safely use it to seal the UV gel structure.
Flexible gloss gel has a dispersion layer has a denser consistency can be removed with the remover the color underneath does not change lasts more than 3-4 weeks.
Curing time
2-3 minutes in the UV lamp, 1 minute in the LED lamp.

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