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Bond Gel - Maximum adhesive strength
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Bond Gel - Maximum adhesive strength

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Bond Gel - 100% adhesion for gel nails and the ideal base for gel polish.

The Bond Base Gel offers strong adhesion and a thin consistency so that it can be used as a base layer for all build-up gels and gel varnishes. Offers a non-slip base for the refills, is a removable gel, offers strong adhesion and you get flawless nails without dissolving.

What can you use the Bond Gel for?

Use the Bond Gel to create a perfect bond between the nail and the builder gel. For perfect preparation of the natural nails, it is recommended to use the metal tools for cuticle preparation and a file or buffer. Apply Nail Prep, Primer 1 and Primer 2, and apply Bond Gel in a very thin layer. Be careful not to touch the cuticles. Cure in the UV lamp for 2 minutes. After these steps you can create a correct and resilient structure. When creating a Gel & Lac manicure, the Gel & Lac color follows the Bond Gel. You can also use this product to create a mini C-curve for Gel & Lac when you apply Bond in a thick layer.

Who do we recommend Bond Gel to?

Bond Gel is a gel that is particularly recommended for problem nails and beginners, but also for experienced nail designers who want to avoid dissolving nails in the cuticle area or breaking off nails. It is a mandatory product when using gel polish.

For which nails and for which customers do we recommend Bond Gel?

BrillBird experts recommend using the bond gel both for building and filling gel nails and for manicuring with gel polish.


-Adhesive gel in a brush bottle

-recommended for gel and gel polish

-thin consistency

-can be removed with acrylic remover

Curing time

2 minutes in the UV lamp, 1 minute in the LED lamp.